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We all saw what happened to the humanitarian aid flotilla and the attack by navy commandos of Israel against unarmed people. And I insist against unarmed people because some trying to convince us that the people in the boats were armed, but sticks don’t count as weapons in real war operations. By no way wooden sticks and slings is a match against guns.  Isn’t this a use of an excessively unequal force against the “attackers” as Israel defined those people?

And again if Israel soldiers had to shot to protect their lives the beginning of the operations wasn’t  a mistake and an illegitimate action?  What the fuck gave the permission to Israeli soldiers to invade (invade not control or  block the passage) a foreign vessel in international waters. I think this is like an invasion in the land of a foreign country according to international naval law!!!

And all these are just happening with the backing of US and for anyone not noticing it at the expense of the West, which supposedly Israel is a loyal ally. As I see the imperative of Israel now is to massively care only for its own interests no matter the costs, political, in human lives or in international fairness and balance. Sure why to care for international law, human rights, international peace and the interests even of your supposedly allies. I think  this policy is not just aggresive but  fascist.

Diplomacy and negotiations ? This is just for sissies. Israel is now a strong state smashing precautionary without mercy  anyone considering as a potential threat. The outrageous thing is that this is happening because those people take as granted the support of the west. Maybe the west should start prove them wrong for once?

There is a massive outrage everywhere but of course there is always the pro-Israel lobby in the US affecting American foreign policy with a strong unfair bias in favor of Israel, and this is one of the major reasons, along with oil business interests and Muslim religious fanaticism, of the whole shit we have to stand in the middle East that keeps posing a threat to global peace for so many decades now.

Funny thing: Europe is for first time in its history a passive viewer or even a victim of all this major conflict (you know terrorist attacks in soft targets as a side effect of all this mess)

A strange thing also worth noticing  is that, excluding the vast political and economic interests in the middle East, the only real ideological supporter in US of the recent  totalitarianist  Israeli policies is the Christian far right for their own peculiar theological reasons.

I mean it seems that there are less and less sane people clearly supporting these kind of policies by Israel even in US, something that maybe rings a bell for a potential shift in the political scene in middle east, if everything else remaining equal. And I am saying this because there is the possibility that a more fair and balanced approach of the west in the region maybe, I say maybe will  decrease the anger and hostility of the arabs towards the west which in turn will decrease the suspiciousness and hostility of the west (and of Israel) bringing a virtuous positive circle instead of the constant vicious circle that dominates everything since decades.

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